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There are a few key Resources in the Hope Hour pipeline which are all designed to encourage and equip others who want to share their faith and beliefs in a similar way. Please see below for a list of Resources that already available as well as some that are in the works.

If you'd like to support Hope Hour in the dream to make these Resources a reality, please check out the Support Us page.


Sign up to the Hope Hour Blog to receive weekly updates, reflections and tips based off personal experience of sharing in faith about faith. Please do also consider helping Hope Hour by sharing this with others, as well as by following the project on Social Media too:

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Summaries of all the Tips that have been shared are added to the Top Tips page. Read our Foundations page, to get a good overview on what Hope Hour faith sharing is all about. 


It can be hard to know what Topics and Questions might come up in a conversation when sharing about your faith. Head over to our Topics page to read some thoughts around this and see what Topics have come up in previous Hope Hour conversations.


If you would be interested in hearing a talk from Laura about her reflections on faith sharing, as well as an opportunity for a Q&R (Question and Response) session, please do Contact Hope Hour.



One of the Hope Hour dreams is to publish a journal that is designed to give you a dedicated space to reflect, with God, on different aspects of your faith journey. The idea goes hand in hand with the Hope Hour Foundations; know about God and yourself.

It also goes hand in hand with 1 Peter 3:15. By reflecting on your own stories, you will be better prepared to witness about how God is loving, close and actively involved in your life. 

The journal is already written and Hope Hour is looking for a publisher that could help bring it to life with beautiful designs. The first Topic is available (in a basic format) for free and you can download it here. If you would be interested in seeing more content like this coming to life in a journal, please add your name to the list here.


The other dream currently in the works is to host a Podcast that emulates faith sharing in the Hope Hour format (with gentleness, respect and lots of listening). In a series, Laura and one of her non-Christian friends would chew over some of the topics in the journal. We hope that one day soon we will be sharing that here with you all!

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