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Mostly, I just wanted to say welcome to the site and thank you for taking the time to visit! The Hope Hour project started as a personal exploration into how to do faith sharing with friends and family in a way that was kind, respectful, and involved as much listening as it did talking.

If you're looking for a bit more context as to how this all started, please do check out the Story So Far. If you'd like to know a little bit more about the heart behind faith sharing and our intentions for doing so, you can find more information on the that describes intentions and heart page.


The weekly stories shared by Hope Hour are meant to show where we as Christians see God at work and describe our experience of him. We're aware not everyone will share this perspective but we hope you will find them interesting and see beauty in them nonetheless.

Hope Hour shares these stories because it is innate to want to express your thanks when somebody does something loving, encouraging or comforting for you.


For Christians, these stories are an opportunity to focus on God, reflect on how God has been connecting with them, and communicate their thanks. In doing so, there is also more space to make time for God and journey ever deeper in faith.


Reading these stories can also be affirming for other Christians. The stories are an encouraging example of how the same God is at work in all our different lives.


In full truth, I also hope these stories speak to the diverse ways that God is at work. It does not always look like what we want it to look like. Perhaps, it does not happen in the timeframe we would want to see it. Yet, these stories show that God meets us where we are and that His will, timing, and ways are fully trustworthy. 


I'm aware that a lot of the language on the site comes from a Christian perspective and might not be familiar to you. Please do Contact Us if you have any thoughts on what additions to the Hope Hour site might be useful to you. You can help Hope Hour by providing a fresh insights into how to make the to the site more accessible. Thank you for joining us!

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