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Updated: Mar 7

Dear all, I'm privileged to share from my friend Ruth this week. Here she tells us how God has been with her in her grief after losing her husband, Paul, and how God has guided her down the path to ministry. Ruth and I met on the CMS Pioneering training course. We have shared the highs and lows of the return to studying together. We also have the joy of learning both with and from each other most weeks.


In Ruth's words...

Bible Verse: Revelation 3:8

Firstly, I started training for ministry in September.  My pathway has not been a conventional route at all. However it has been a very affirming journey, as doors have kept on being opened in front of me. Before I had my interview for college my Spiritual Accompanier gave me this verse - Revelation 3:8 "See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut".  I was offered a place.


Last week I had two significant meetings which could affect my ability to continue forward.  Before the first one I was in a church service, and the verse that was used was Revelation 3:8!  I shouldn't have been surprised when both meetings were very positive and ended with my journey carrying on.


The second thing is that I lost my husband five years ago and it was coming up to the anniversary last week.  Leading up to this I strongly felt God was telling me to "sit with my grief" more. Life has been extremely busy and full, especially the last year, so I guess I haven't really spent a lot of time doing this. I resolved to make more of an effort to focus on it.

Paul and Ruth mugs

Then a couple of weeks ago I went into a charity shop and was absent mindedly looking at some bric-a-brac.  My eye was drawn to the top shelf and on it were two mugs surrounded by other bits and pieces. There were no other mugs. Just these two, and they had individually painted names on them.  Yes, you guessed it, they were our names.

This really felt like a sign, so of course I bought them and put them in pride of place by a photo of us on my mantlepiece.  It was a bit like God was saying "Yes, that's right, I do want you to focus on this!"


I would never have chosen to have gone through what I've been through, but I've been able to help other widows because I've "walked in their shoes". Be encouraged that God has His purposes in everything that happens and nothing is wasted in His economy.


Picture of Author (Ruth)

Ruth is currently training to be a Baptist Pioneer Minister at Bristol Baptist College, while doing a BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission at CMS as part of their Pioneer Leadership programme based in Oxford. She is a volunteer Mission Enabler for Kingfisher Church in Trowbridge two days a week, helping out at a primary school and toddler group, and facilitating the church's engagement with the new housing area they are based in. She was married to Paul for 24 years before he passed away in 2019, and has one son who lives and works in London.


Thank you all so much for reading. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Until next week,

Laura Name

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Feb 13

It's such a blessing when we are given such clear signs. Ruth, I wish you well in your future ministry.

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