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Updated: Mar 7

Hi all, it is hard to believe we are already on Week 5 of sharing these stories! And somehow still in January... This week I am sharing a story from a relatively new friend of mine, Rebecca Olsen. In the short time that I have known her, we have really connected through faith. She has sent me a story to share with you all about seeing God's protection and provision trying to get to the airport.


In Rebecca's words...

"This is not a recent story but something that happened a few years ago. I’m writing it here because I believe that such powerful stories remain relevant to reminding us of the glory of God even after time passes.


As I was due to drive to the airport in the middle of the night with four passengers, I checked online that there would be no diversions. Then, before taking my suitcase downstairs I had a sudden thought that I should put some coins in my pocket. I settled on £7.

Diversion/Road closed signs

We set off early and arrived at the motorway junction only to find it closed. The diversion eventually lead us back to the motorway and we were finally on our way. However, after a short while the car started juddering a little so I slowed down to a speed that felt safer. Sometime later we were passing an area that had no hard shoulder and the tyre burst. I pulled over and ushered my passengers towards the barrier. We called roadside assistance and they sent out motorway assistance to help us off the motorway. While we were waiting for the assistance an AA van drove past but didn’t stop.


As we travelled along the motorway to the exit, followed by assistance, one of my passengers started singing the country music song, Jesus take the wheel. It reminded me to pray and lay the situation in the hands of God. Shortly afterwards, as we exited the motorway, someone was walking down the road towards us. The AA man had decided to stop and help us!

Car tyre

He expertly changed the wheel over to the spare that was in the boot, informing me that I would never have managed alone as the original wheel was too tightly screwed on. I thanked him and told him he was like an angel, to which he replied, ‘My friends call me the Golden Angel’. For a moment, even my passengers who did not believe in God considered it might be more than coincidence.


We continued our journey, with me wondering how on earth we would manage to actually catch the plane, as one bag needed to be checked in. Then I remembered I could drop my passengers at the terminal and proceed to park the car. This way if I missed the plane my passengers would still make the plane and I could follow on later.


After dropping my passengers I went to pay the toll for stopping in front of the terminal. To my surprise the toll was £7 exactly!


We all made the flight and the following day I received a message from a friend who had dreamt about my misadventures."


Picture of author (Rebecca).

Rebecca started her life as a vicar's daughter in New Zealand she moved with her family to the United Kingdom when still just ten years old. In the middle of raising her three children she encountered a low point in her life. During this time she discovered Believe Energy, which helped her reconnect with the church and her faith on a deeper more personal level. She now works part time in a church office as a Communications Officer, a job she very much enjoys.


Thank you all so much for reading. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Until next week,


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Feb 06

This reminded me of an incident when I was travelling home alone at night, in heavy rain, and kept having to be redirected and drive through floods. In the end I felt I couldn't risk going through any more and pulled into the side of a remote country road.

Almost immediately, a man in a land rover came alongside and asked if I was OK. He reassured me I'd be able to get through, and that I was near a main road. Then offered to follow me through.

I was so grateful. He was right, I was fine, and am convinced he was an angel!

Hope Hour - Laura
Feb 10
Replying to

Thank you for sharing that Ruth, it sounds like you were guided and protected in a really difficult situation 🙏🏻

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