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It is impossible to be completely prepared for everything. No two Hope Hour Meet Ups have been the same. Trust in God and in yourself. However, we've outlined some key things to think through about before you meet up. Please also check out our Top Tips page for some advice of what to do on the day itself.

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PRAY: The most important way to prepare! Dedicate the Meet Up and the conversation to God as a form of worship. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you as you prepare and during the Meet Up as well. Try to discern if there is anything in particular that God is encouraging you to discuss or share about. In your prayers, put God at the centre of it all. Ask other trusted Christians in your life to pray for you too.

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PRIORITISE: If, during the conversation, you could only convey one thing about Christianity, what would it be? There are probably many things that you would like to talk through but by considering this question, it will help you get to the heart of why you have faith and why you want to share about it. See here for a full list of Topics discussed at previous Hope Hour Meet Ups.

TESTIMONY: Intend to share at least one example of how God has recently moved in your life. Perhaps this is through scripture, prayer, or some event. Show how the living God is still at work today, speaking to you, caring for you and guiding you. He is not far or removed but close and at hand.

QUESTIONS: Consider any questions you think they might have in advance and how you would best respond to them (perhaps see our Topics page). Think also about what questions you might like to ask them to encourage them to share their points of view as well. 

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PRACTICALITIES: Bear in mind any details for the day that might need to be considered. If there is bad weather, will you change activity or postpone to another time? How are you getting there; together or not? Give your guest a loose layout for the conversation, i.e. that you'll bring some thoughts, that you'll want to hear their insights and give space for them to ask questions. By gently taking the lead on all the details you will put your guest at ease.

Speaking of questionS... 
Let your guest know this is a safe space to ask anything they might want to. You may find that they have questions about Christianity that they have wanted to ask but have had no opportunity to do so or have felt awkward about it. This will give them the chance and may even encourage them to think about these topics for the first time. 

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It is probably better to come at this with the idea of "responding" to their questions rather than "answering" them. We have to credit that we heard about this framework on the Bible Project podcast. "Responding" can be answering with as much information and experience as you have, rather than claiming to have the exact answer.

IN FACT, You may feel like you don't have a response to some of the questions askED at all. That's ok; remember, honesty and openness are key here. Take a beat. Acknowledge that to your invitee. Explain that you need time to reflect or do research and that you will come back to them with a response. 

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